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Indirapuram is posh and centric residential area of Ghaziabad due its proximity with both Delhi and Noida.  There you would find skyscraper buildings row houses where many families live. These residences often have to encounter with rodents, the most common rodent found inside the kitchens and store rooms.   Rats and mice are two encroaching animals which can harm you in various ways. Rats are the carrier of plague, a deadly disease and also make you a lot of financial by gnawing your costly sarees, bed sheets, clothes and foods. Thus rat control becomes a must get task in these residences. Mourier pest control in Indirapuram is the best solution to this.

Types of rodents damaging your valuable materials-

Norway rats- Norway rats eat different foods, but mostly they attack on meats, fish, cereal grains and fruits. Norway rats can travel an area of around 100 to 150 feet in search of food and water and rarely do they travel further to 300 feet distance from their burrows. An average Norway female rat can have 4 to 6 liter of water per year and has capacity to reproduce 20 or more offspring annually.

Roof rats- Likewise Norway rats, roof rats too eat varieties of foods, but they dominate fruits, berries, slugs, snails and nuts. If you have avocados and citrus or other fruits in your home, you need to save them from these creatures.

How they cause destruction and panic inside a home?

Rats feed on and contaminate foods and animal feeding materials. They also cause destruction to containers and packaged foods and animal feeds. Both kinds of rats gnaw electrical wires, wooden structures like table, door, and furniture and also tear up insulations in walls and ceilings for nesting.

Norway rats can erode building bases with their burrowing activities and can also gnaw soft materials like lead and copper to heavy materials like wood and plastic. If roots rats are nesting in the loft of a residence, they can damage the residence with gnawing and burrowing activities.

Thus rat control in the residences of Indirapuram becomes an eminent task. Ask your nearest and endurable pest control service provider to rubble their nesting and burrowing activities. Mourier pest control, Indirapuram can fetch you ultimate service for rat control. Mourier has an expert and experienced pest control team which with their highly advanced tools and sprays. Rat control is specific service and you may not get from every pest control service provider in the region and this also becomes a reason for the dominance of Mourier pest control in Indirapuram market. Control the population of rats inside your home with exceptional services of Mourier pest control.

Conclusion- Residence of Indirapuram has a new weapon for rat control with Mourier pest control service.

Advantages of Choosing Mourier Pest Control:
• 100% Safe for humans.
• Eco-friendly.
• Odorless.
• No damage to households.
• Hassle-free & Expertise Service.
• Available 24*7.
• Cost-effective services. Really Yearning for Safe & Pure Surroundings…..
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