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Mourier Pest control in Sec 92, Gurgaon Can Reduce the Terror of Dengue Fever

Whether it is sec 92, Gurgaon or any other NCR place, chances of dengue is everywhere in delhi/NCR including Gurgaon. So better to take precaution as dengue doesn’t have exact treatment. This precaution comes in the form of mosquitoes control. This service can be accessed easily with Mourier pest control in sec 92, Gurgaon. Beware of dengue as its numbers of victims are increasing everyday in Delhi/NCR. Protect yourself and your dear ones with a suitable and definite dengue control.

Causes of Dengue-

Dengue fever is brought about by any of four dengue infections spread by mosquitoes that flourish in and close human lodgings. At the point when a mosquito nibbles a man contaminated with a dengue infection, the infection enters the mosquito. At the point when the tainted mosquito then chomps someone else, the infection enters that individual's circulation system.

After you've recuperated from dengue fever, you have safety to the infection that contaminated you — yet not to the next three dengue fever infections. The danger of creating extreme dengue fever, otherwise called dengue hemorrhagic fever, really builds in case you're tainted a second, third or fourth time.


Many people, especially children and teens, may experience no signs or symptoms during a mild case of dengue fever. When symptoms do occur, they usually begin four to 10 days after you are bitten by an infected mosquito. Signs and symptoms of dengue fever most commonly include-

  • Headaches
  • Pain behind your eyes
  • Fever, as high as 106 F
  • Muscle, bone and joint pain


Most people recover within a week or so. In some cases, symptoms worsen and can become life-threatening. Blood vessels often become damaged and leaky. And the number of clot-forming cells (platelets) in your bloodstream drops. This can cause

·         Severe abdominal pain.

·         Persistent vomiting.

·         Bleeding from your nose and mouth.

·         Problems with your lungs, liver and heart.

·         Bleeding under the skin, which might look like bruising.


Risk factors-

Factors that put you at larger danger of developing dengue fever or a more acute type of the disease indulge:

Living in tropical ranges- Being in tropical and subtropical humid areas builds your danger of getting infected with mosquitoes that causes dengue fever. Particularly high-hazard zones are Delhi/NCR places, including sec 92, Gurgaon.

Prior contamination with a dengue fever infection- Prior contamination with a dengue fever infection expands your danger of having serious side effects in case you're tainted once.

These lessons would be enough to get a sufficient pest control in Sec 92, Gurgaon in your home to get protected against dengue fever.

Conclusion- Mourier pest control in sec 92, Gurgaon reduces the horror of dengue fever with  eminent mosquitoes control.




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